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Continental ContiSportContact 3 - SSR


  • Asymmetrical Tread Pattern
  • Ribbed Tread
  • State-Of-The-Art Silica Tread Compound
  • Specialized Tread Patterns For Rear Wheel Drive Sports Cars And Customized Vehicles
  • Designed to provide additional balance when making sharp maneuvers, grip for faster cornering and additional steering stability at higher speeds
  • Allows for even distribution of braking forces across the entire contact patch for reduced braking distances
  • Improves wet handling, dry traction, and treadwear simultaneously versus traditional carbon black compounds
  • Enhance vehicle performance through increased stability, and steering response
  • Product Size / Product SKU Performance Rating
    245/40R18 93Y BW (0350157) Y (186 mph)
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    245/50R18 100Y BW (0350166) Y (186 mph)
    Product Details
    205/45R17 84V BW (0350235) V (149 mph)
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    275/40R18 99Y BW (0350284) Y (186 mph)
    Product Details
    245/45R19 98W BW (0352498) W (168 mph)
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    275/40R19 101W BW (0352499) W (168 mph)
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    235/45R17 97W XL BW (0352821) W (168 mph)
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