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About Dunn Tire

Posted: Friday, July 31st 2015

Dunn Tire Service

Dunn Tire is a Buffalo, NY based tire retailer. Recently ranked by Tire Business as the 17th largest independent tire retailer in North America; they are also a Top 20 market share holder in the United States within in their retail category. Dunn Tire has 30 retail locations from Erie PA, to Syracuse NY. Locally owned and operated, Dunn Tire has been providing tire and automotive services since 1973.

The Dunn Tire Blog is dedicated to providing you with tips, advice, and the latest technology related to tires and vehicle performance.  Our mission is to create an interactive community which stimulates conversation and offers helpful information.

We’ll be discussing a wide variety of topics covering automobile performance, green technology, gas efficiency, and much more.  We encourage user participation and questions to truly make this a comprehensive resource.  We will respond to all inquiries in a timely fashion and look forward to your feedback and suggestions.

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Dunn Tire