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The benefits of performance tires

Posted: Thursday, May 26th 2011

Michelin Pilot SportIt’s important to understand that tires are a critical element in the design and engineering of today’s modern vehicle. As we discussed recently, it’s becoming more and more common to see performance tires as original equipment (OEM) on automobiles.  After all, manufacturers want their vehicles to perform at optimal levels during test drives.

In some regards, we are all performance drivers.  We depend on our tires to help us steer and stop with precision.  It’s where the “rubber meets the road”.  Performance tires maximize the handling, cornering, and control of vehicles.  They also work better with the latest anti-lock brake technology.  The anti-lock brakes are only as good as the tires that work with them.  If a tire has low tread, it is unsafe regardless of how good the brakes are.

“Performance” or “high performance” tires typically contain a tire speed rating of H, V, Z, or ZR.  Performance tires differ from other tires in that they have a lower profile, harder sidewalls, and have larger block treads.  In addition, they have a nylon girdle over the steel belts, which holds the tire together better under pressure at higher speeds.  This is especially important as most states have increased the speed limits.

Some people think that performance tires are solely for professional race drivers or others who operate vehicles at high speeds.  Performance tires are actually manufactured for a wide variety of automobiles including sports cars, sport utility vehicles, and luxury vehicles.  They are generally designed to improve handling, especially on wet roads.  Others aim to provide drivers with greater precision, a smoother ride, or increased fuel efficiency.  For example, Michelin’s Pilot Sport 3 was designed with fuel efficiency, as well as tread life and road grip, in mind.

Hankook offers a number of performance and high performance tires with their Ventus collection.  These tires are designed to provide a stable, high-speed ride even in wet conditions.  If you shop around, there are many specials and rebates available for Hankook tires.

Other performance tires are designed primarily to enhance safety.  For example, Yokohama’s model ADVAN Sport ZPS tires allow the vehicle to be operated safely for a set period of time even when there is no air in the tire.

Finally, some performance tires are designed to maximize performance in several different ways simultaneously.  Dunlop’s SP Sport Max TT, for example, is constructed to provide a variety of benefits, including extra precision, a smooth ride, and excellent cornering.

Performance tires might be exactly what you are looking for to improve your driving experience.  Their use is not limited to expensive cars, new cars, or sports cars.  Different performance tires are designed to meet different needs.  Visit or click Dunn Tire and ask about performance tires for your vehicle.