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Dashboard Indicators


ABS Light Anti-Lock Brake System Light (ABS)

Indicates there is an issue with the Anti-Lock Brake System. ABS keeps your car from skidding during breaking by releasing brake fluid pressure allowing your wheels to continue to rotate. Consult a certified technician for help.

Battery Warning Light Battery Warning Light

Indicates the battery voltage is below normal and the charging system is not functioning properly. Check battery terminals, alternator belt and battery condition. Seek professional help.

Brake Warning Light Brake Warning Light

Indicates low brake fluid level, the parking brake is on, or brake linings are low. Check that safety brake is not on. System should be checked for leaks, ABS issue.

Bulb Failure Bulb Failure

Indicates one or more of the vehicle's lights are out or not functioning. Inspect lights and replace the necessary bulb or fuse.

Oil Pressure Warning Oil Pressure Warning

Indicates loss of oil pressure. Amber light may warn when oil level is getting low and top up is required.

Maintenance Required Maintenance Required

Indicates maintenance is required according to the vehicle mileage

Check Engine Light Check Engine Light

Indicates a vehicle system, such as ignition, fuel or emission control, is not operating properly. A glowing check engine light should be inspected by a certified technician as soon as possible. A flashing check engine light requires immediate attention.

Temperature Warning Temperature Warning

Indicates engine may be overheating. Stop the vehicle. Check coolant level in the reservoir - do not open a hot radiator cap. Engine cooling system should be inspected for leaks and fan operation.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Indicates one or more tires is significantly under-inflated. Immediately check tire pressure to avoid a tire blowout, uneven tire wear and reduction in gas mileage. An issue with the sensor may need to be reset by a technician.

Washer Fluid Level Washer Fluid Level

Indicates washer fluid is low. Fluid should be added to ensure the windshield can be cleaned and maintain visibility. Seek help if level is repeatedly low.