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A/C System Evaluation and Leak Test


Keeping your vehicle cool in the warmer months will be a difficult task if you're A/C is not functioning properly or if you have a refrigerant leak. Unlike other automotive fluids, refrigerant evaporates on contact with air which makes diagnosing a leak by visual inspection impossible. Leak tests should be performed when your air conditioning system has low refrigerant pressure. Leaks can allow moisture and contaminants to enter the system which shortens the system's life span and effects the efficiency of the system. At Dunn Tire we will use the latest in leak detection tools to address your potential leak problem and can then provide other air conditioning services that will help keep you cool this summer. Our A/C System Evaluation and Leak Test service at Dunn Tire includes the following

  • Outlet temperature analysis to determine cooling performance
  • System pressure check
  • Visual inspection of air conditioner components such as belts hoses and connections
  • Ultraviolet dye and refrigerant injected into AC system followed by a black light inspection to determine if any system leaks are present (requires refrigerant to be added to perform test)

Cost of this service will be credited towards your air conditioning repair service if needed upon completion of this test