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Brake Fluid Service


Brake Fluid Service

Even though your vehicle's brake fluid is in a sealed system, moisture can still absorb into it over time. The build up of moisture in your brake fluid can lead to corrosion in the brake system and brake lines. Old contaminated brake fluid reduces your car's stopping power and causes a sluggish brake response and possible premature failure. Exchanging your old brake fluid with new premium brake fluid returns the vehicle to its original performance and protects the components of your braking system for the future. Our Brake Fluid Service replenishes the system with new premium dry formula to protect against moisture.

Benefits of a brake fluid service

  • Helps maintain maximum stopping power by removing contaminated fluid
  • Cleans the entire brake system
  • Protects against future moisture build up

When should I change my brake fluid?

You should have your vehicle's brake fluid tested once a year with a brake fluid test strip. The test strip will be able to indicate the condition of the additive package in the brake fluid. If the additive package is altered from its original condition, it is usually the result of moisture build up causing corrosion. If your brake fluid has a significant smell, your braking system likely has a problem that requires a mechanic's attention, not just a flush. If it is below the recommended level, it might have a leak. Many vehicle manufacturers recommend fluid replacement at regular intervals to maintain vehicle performance. Please consult your owner's manual for specific manufacturer recommendations.