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Transmission Flush


Transmission Flush

An optimized transmission is the key to your vehicle's performance from stop and go traffic on city streets to highway speeds. Being able to smoothly shift through gears increases the comfort of the ride and the longevity of the transmission. Your vehicle's manufacturer recommends a mileage interval for exchanging your transmission fluid, cleaning the system and protecting it from damage or excessive wear.

When to service the system:

An automatic transmission can have silent, unnoticed issues until it is too late. The components are internal, inside a case but can develop deposits or have debris in the fluid. The best estimate when the fluid is due for an exchange is based off manufacturer-set mileage intervals. These intervals can be given to you by any Dunn Tire service professional. The fluid, if accessible in your vehicle, should be checked periodically for any change in condition. If shifting becomes rough, take your vehicle to a qualified Dunn Tire technician to see if the fluid is the issue.

What we do:

  • First, we introduce a transmission cleansing detergent into the system that is designed to thoroughly clean deposits, grit and grime from the transmission, including the cooler, valve body and torque converter.
  • We remove the old, contaminated fluid from the system, ridding your transmission of hazardous debris and grit.
  • The transmission is then filled with Valvoline Transmission Fluid, protector, conditioner and sealer.


Completing this service will get rid of anything inside the transmission fluid that could be hazardous to the system. As the fluid breaks down, it can be hazardous to the components inside the sealed, pressurized system. Broken down fluid can corrode seals and cause damage and fail to protect your transmission from high temperatures. By exchanging the fluid, you are ensuring the longevity of your transmission. New fluid provides peak conditions for smoother shifting and protects against higher temperatures.